We have been helping electronic brand-owners and manufacturers worldwide to bring high quality products to customers. Leveraging our core competences in electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and profound production base in China, SUGA has strategically expanded and diversified its businesses to offer Product Solutions and Services for electronic market primarily and Sales and Distribution Services in pet market.


Our Business



Suga International Holdings Limited is a technology-based, vertically-integrated total solutions provider of electronics products. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Suga has been committed to quality and improving our products, services and processes to meet and exceed our customers' requirements and quality objectives by integrating Suga's vision into our daily work. We manufacture expertise spans a broad range of electronic products, with focus in professional audio equipment, digital AV products, interactive educational products, smart card and NFC-enabled products. Today, we have established a loyal global customer base across the U.S., U.K., China, Australia and other countries. To cope with evolving technology development and continuous market growth, we started to integrate our manufacturing base in China in 2014. The expanded production capacity alongside upgrade in automation and production process has enhanced our manufacturing competences and competitiveness.

SUGA was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in September 2002, under the stock code 912.


Suga Electronics Limited provides advanced electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and specializes in producing high quality electronics products spanning telecommunications products, human-machine interface devices, health-care products, musical products and industrial electronic products. Suga Electronics offers OEM and ODM solutions, providing one-stop services from research and development, electronic and mechanical products and design services, production engineering to quality control, material supply chain and logistic services to customers.

We have a deep understanding of customers' requirement in scalability, flexibility, adaptability and quality. Suga is equipped with a variety of advanced facilities such as SMT and auto insertion machines, manual insertion lines, casing assembly lines, reliability and functional testing equipment, shield rooms, shield boxes, burn-in room, ultrasonic welding, bonding machines, etc. to manage a broad range of specifications for different products.


Suga Technology Hong Kong Limited (formerly Suga Networks Hong Kong Limited) is dedicated to the manufacturing of high technology, high complexity and high quality electronic products. Geared with multifaceted capabilites in advanced technology, professionalism, fast response, quality excellence and outstanding services, Suga Technology provides its customers with one-stop complete ODM and OEM turnkey solutions, including R&D, engineering support, global sourcing, production and logistics. Suga Technology is a key EMS provider for internationally famous audio brands and a world-renowned interactive whiteboard and network communication equipment manufacturer.

The main types of products manufactured by the company are:

  • Professional Audio Products: Professional audio equipment, consoles, amplifiers, effects, wireless audio products, etc;
  • Education Products: Interactive whiteboards;
  • Green Energy Products: solar inverters;
  • Network and Communication Products: smart multi-layer network switches, core routers, VoIP, web gateways, access points, broadband IP-DSLAM, etc;
  • Industrial Products: optical tracking systems, electrical control systems, control boards for large digital displays, etc.

These products are sold at home and abroad and are mainly exported to Europe, the United States and Japan.



SGI Venture Limited is a joint venture company of SUGA, Globaltec Electronics Limited & iMusicTech Limited set up in 2011. SGI has developed [name], the world's first product combining advantages of smartphone apps and web portals.

Our business mainly covers retailing of SGI's ODM products with Bluetooth 4.0 technology; designing smartphone apps for customers who have developed Bluetooth products themselves; manufacture of Bluetooth 4.0-enabled products which can be used with smartphone apps, and consultation services on creation of new business models. We focus our R&D on four mainstream areas, namely, sports, healthcare, environmental protection and pets.

Centered on the concept of "connected" and optimization of the popularity of Bluetooth technology, we have developed and launched Fansliving, a web portal community which offers online retail and promotion channels. Fansliving is open to other companies with their own Bluetooth-enabled products, and together it will serve an enormous number of users worldwide.


HappyPaws International Limited is a Hong Kong-based major distributor for pet food and products aiming at bringing healthy and natural pet food to pet owners in the territory. Hot brands include Holistic Blend®, Healthy Dog™, The Gift For Life™, Petzential, Virusolve, Adora Bowl, Celox, 植物之芯貓砂, SmartBones, Cesar Millan, Yummy Chummies, Petite Cuisine. HappyPaws is the first local pet food distributor with "Heart-to-heart" and "Caring Company" designations.

The missions of HappyPaws are: Enhancing pets' quality of life and catering to their needs; giving back to the communities by actively participating in social services; building corporate culture which encourages our staff to learn and grow with the company; expanding within Asia based on our deep roots in Hong Kong. For details, please visit: http://www.happypaws.com.hk


Chongmi Investment & Consultation (Shenzhen) Company Limited is a joint venture company of SUGA and Shenzhen Jihe Investment Ltd in mainland, China. Chongmi Investment is committed to develop the software and hardware for pet market, and mainly invests in and develops the quality pet food and goods market in mainland China and provides pet-related peripheral services like pet training, pet hospital and foster care services. An @Chongmi WeChat public account has been set up. It has also set up a pet food and goods distributing mall to help it further capture the mainland market. On the hardware side, Chongmi Investment is developing its first smart pet leash that can prevent pets from getting lost and also monitor their health.


Chummily (Tianjin/Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Beijing) 

Chummily is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SUGA. With its own branded pet food, supplies and medicine, Chummily provides customers in mainland China with imported and domestic petcare products through online and offline distribution services. In addition, Chummily also provides cultural and entertainment information, as well as advertising and marketing services through its popular online channel dedicated to the pet community.